What campaign type do I choose?

AI Match

If you want to select the best influencers in a specific niche to fill a budget. Optimized to get the highest engagement for the lowest price.


If you want a high volume of influencers to post and you don’t want to have to worry about influencers canceling your orders (e.g. you want as many influencers as possible to promote your new song)

Start a Campaign Using AI Matching

AI Matching
What niche are you advertising in?
Select Target Region
Input budget (Minimum $500)
Are you promoting a physical product that needs to be shipped?
Select Follower Target Range
Enter maximum price you are willing to pay for each influencer (to prevent one influencer taking up the entire budget)
10k-50k Followers
50k-100k Followers
100k-500k Followers
500k-1M Followers
1M-5M Followers
5M-10M Followers
Select platform you’d like to promote on