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Scalable influencer marketing

First Fully Integrated Influencer Marketing Platform

Our network of 7,500+ active influencers with 4.5B cumulative followers, campaign tools, target data, account management, and reporting allow you to successfully deploy high-converting campaigns in just a few clicks

Campaign Tools

Best Optimize Your Promotion Spend

Each tool is built to fuilfill any and all influencer marketing needs | Book a demo here

Best for scalable campaigns


Instantly send an offer to all creators. Designed for high volume campaigns.


Bounty Select

Send an offer to all creators and select from those who opt in.

Get the best results per dollar

AI Match

Optimized campaign curation using AI

Best for clients with large adspend

Full Service (Campaign Manager)

Work one-on-one with a QuikPlace campaign specialist to curate a campaign for your brand

Best for smaller campaigns


Manually select influencers from our Marketplace



Host a competition / challenge through our network of creators

Pay based on results

CPA / CPI Bounty

Pay-per-install or conversion. Available to select clients. Make an inquiry here and we can see if you're the right fit

Best in the industry

The best in the industry trust QuikPlace

Trusted by these companies and more.

Exclusive Target Data

Intelligent audience data

We collect demographic, geographic, and psychographic data from our creators to allow our clients the ability to hyper-target their audiences.

Creators you can trust

All influencers are verified and vetted by QuikPlace to ensure safe transactions

Chat with your influencers

Chat with influencers in realtime as they fulfill your promotions

Promote physical products

Easily promote physical products

Purchase a promotion

Select physical product

Add tracking when influencer accepts

Run campaigns at scale in minutes

Checkout multiple influencers at a time & run campaigns at scale with the click of a button

Promote without the risk

We hold your funds until the influencer successfully completes your promotion.

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