Top 10 Reasons Why Brands Must Embrace Influencer Marketing

By QuikPlace | Sep 13, 2021

What will influencer marketing look like in the future?

Influencers are all over on social media and online platforms. From Instagram to YouTube, from Tik Tok to blogging websites, influencers have the power to generate sales for brands.

Influencer marketing is a huge industry and is exploding at a rapid pace. Brands collaborate with influencers to sell products to new and broad audiences.

Is influencer marketing the next big thing? Why is influencer marketing important for branding?

Influencers not only endorse the products but also act as the face of your brand. Creative and engaging content by the influencers connects your brand with their followers in the most authentic way. Any other marketing tactic cannot achieve this.

The perk of influencer marketing is not just limited to brand awareness. The social media profiles of brands get increased impressions and followers. There is more traffic on the website. The benefits of influencer marketing for brands are not short-term like the paid ads. They bring in conversions steadily and consistently.

Influencer marketing builds communities around brands and products. Let us see the top 10 reasons why brands must embrace influencer marketing.

1. To target the niche audiences

Online sales have zoomed past the $4trillion mark. There were over 2 billion online shoppers in 2020.

Brands need to study their target audience. They have to collaborate with influencers whose majority of followers are their niche audience. It is easier to reach the target audience through influencers than direct marketing. It is because the influencers of your brand niche are already experts in the field. People follow them for this reason.

Once brands get the right influencers, conveying the brand message through them is easy.

2. To spread the word of your product to a large audience

Imagine telling about your product to ten influencers and ten people. When you tell it to 10 people, they will be satisfied and make the purchase. But when you tell it to 10 influencers, they say it to thousands more. Why is influencer marketing effective? Because this word-of-mouth referral gets your sales amplified. Through influencer marketing, you reach millions of people. These become your brand advocates.

3. To produce content that amplifies brand marketing strategy

Brands need to focus on multiple touchpoints for audience conversions. Each influencer marketing platform needs different content. The brands are not experts in creating content suited to each platform.

When you hire influencers to create content for you, your brand marketing strategy becomes more powerful. Influencers create content for their audience and the brand benefits from it. They create ads that look natural and not forceful. Their followers tend to trust them with these ads. It, in turn, increases conversion and sales.

4. To convey brand identity effectively

Brand awareness continues to be the top reason for brands using influencer marketing. Selecting the right influencer increases curiosity around the product, brand or service. Through word-of-mouth, influencers provide strong validation to the brand identity. They initiate conversations about the product or brand among their followers.

5. To drive lead generation

Brands offer coupon codes and referral codes to influencers who mention it to their followers. The users visit the website using links to the coupon code. Brands use tactics like newsletter opt-ins and account signups to create a solid customer base. Names and emails are collected through lead generation forms. The users who opt-in for newsletters, account setups and giveaway entries can be targeted through emails to persuade them for the purchase.

6. To build a sense of community

Consumers don’t need advertising. They need natural content. Influencer content is perceived to be authentic.

Consistent and continuous marketing through influencers strikes up brand conversations. Followers get curious about the product when presented to them naturally. They visit the brand website or social media profiles to know more about the product. It initiates the conversion process. Thus, influencers are successful in building a community around the brand or product.

7. To stay ahead of the competition

The digital marketplace is crowded. Competitors devise strategies to lure customers into their fold. Influencer marketing can be a brand’s best tactic to fare better than the competitor’s marketing strategy. With more and more marketers increasing their budget on influencer marketing, it is wise for brands to hire influencers thoughtfully before the competitor gets the better of it.

8. To establish authority in SEO ranking

Why is influencer marketing important? With it, brands can generate quality links to their website. Influencers mentioning your brand or adding links on their blogs get you more website visitors.

Quality backlinks and traffic favor a higher ranking for your website on the search engine results page (SERP). You establish authority in SEO and also get more organic customers through your rank position.

9. To track tangible results

Another benefit of influencer marketing is that it offers lead and conversion tracking. Brands can easily measure influencer marketing campaign results with tools like Google Analytics, social media account analysis and various other third-party tools.

The impressions, increase in followers, coupon code users, opt-ins and traffic to the landing page or website before and after the campaign offer an insight into how successful an influencer marketing campaign is.

10. To generate sales and profit

The ultimate benefit of influencer marketing for brands is to generate sales and profit. Influencers get more leads to the website. They get new followers to the brand’s social media accounts. The followers gradually convert into customers. So, influencer marketing gives results for the long term.

Is influencer marketing worth it? Yes, with the right influencer and the right influencer marketing platform! If utilized to its full potential, brands can reap enormous benefits through influencers.