The Power Behind Brand and Influencer Content Creation

By QuikPlace | Oct 28, 2021

The world is more connected than ever, thanks to the growth of social media. But it’s also more cluttered than ever. People are fed with a constant overdose of information and entertainment every day. The competition to get noticed is immense among the brands. It is a constant struggle to create content that is shared by millions and has every chance to go viral.

inding and collaborating with relevant influencers, creating content, and running campaigns is no child’s play. Brands with overconfident marketers have burnt their fingers in the past trying strategies in influencer marketing. There are many reasons for it. They fail to find relevant influencers or the content produced is so sloppy that the audience cannot relate to it. There are many aspects involved in a successful influencer marketing campaign. We would like to mention the role of influencer marketplaces here. Platforms like QuikPlace help brands run successful influencer marketing campaigns. We are an influencer marketing platform connecting relevant influencers with brands. We even assist brands to run their campaigns. When it comes to influencer marketing, brands struggle to get good results, and this is where we fit in

Amidst the chaos to create meaningful content that resonates with the audience, the influencer content is the one that stands out. In the past, content creators worked to build communities and reach a large targeted audience. They are still doing that, but they are receiving accolades for the content they have been creating and attracting engagement from their followers.

Brands have been quick to realize the benefit of influencer content. They are rallying behind the influencers and offering them full support to create meaningful content. After all, influencer content creation has immense benefits too.

1. Creators create content for the audience

At first sight, some of the content created by influencers may seem different from what the usual brand advertisements feel and look like. The content created for brands by production agencies follows a certain technique, and they are polished and refined. In comparison, the influencer content is raw and undefined. Therein lies the beauty of it. While a brand advertisement comes across as pushy, influencer content is natural.

Influencer-generated content performs better than brand-created content. We will tell you why. If you are an influencer, you keep experimenting with the content until you get more followers. Once you understand the interests and preferences of the audience, creating content becomes easy. So, now, if a brand approaches you for endorsing their product, you would know how to present it to the audience in a better way than the brand.

Creating content for the audience is what the influencers have been doing all the time. They understand their followers as they have built strong communities with high engagement rates.

2. High-quality content, low budge

Brands are quite surprised with the quality of content churned out by the influencers. Previously, it was the work of production agencies to create content for brand advertising. It was more of a gimmick and less substance. The drawback with content created by agencies was that it was less relatable to the common audience. It highlighted the product and gave less importance to the pain points of the commoner.

But with influencers, the story is different. Influencers know the in-out of social media and their followers. They utilize various features of social media and consistently show creativity in every endorsement. These content creators are used to producing high-quality content to reach their followers. So, endorsing brands comes in naturally for social media influencers. And the plus point is that it saves the brands a lot of time, money, and effort.

3. Repurposing influencer content

Brands can repurpose influencer content in varied ways for their marketing initiatives. They can post it on their social media channels to gain maximum attention and run paid social media ads using influencer’s content. They can use it on their websites, banner ads, billboards, events, and magazines. Repurposing influencer content saves them a lot of money and gives them a chance to connect with the audience. Of course, they have to obtain the usage rights from the influencers. But the gains are significant when compared to the influencer compensation.

Tips to get better results from influencer content

Brands have to actively support influencers in creating content. Even though influencers know their audience best, they are relatively new to the brand products. The brand’s role in influencer content creation is manifold.


Brand-influencer collaboration is now a hugely popular and successful influencer marketing strategy. It brings in authentic results. Including influencers in the creative process augments well for increasing brand reach.

However, brands have to take due care to choose the right influencers. For better results, they can hire the services of the best influencer marketplace. QuikPlace, an influencer marketing platform, ensures that brands co-create content with influencers that yields better goal-oriented results.