The Power of Youtube Influencer Marketing

By QuikPlace | Aug 04, 2021

YouTube holds an ongoing presence in the daily life of millions. From the first thing when waking up in the morning to the last thing before going to bed at night, YouTube viewing has interspersed as an integral part of our routine.

YouTube is the viewer’s window to the outside world. It is no surprise that brands have capitalized on this opportunity to showcase their products through YouTube influencers who are a powerful connection between the brands and the consumers.

YouTube influencer marketing offers tons of opportunities for brands to deliver community-building experiences. From product discovery to use case, from product demo to vlogging, brands are tapping into the power of YouTube influencer marketing to promote products through trusted creators.

Beauty products or cosmetics are not the only products marketed by YouTube influencers. On the contrary, electronic gadgets, games, mobiles, travel stays, food products, films, music and toys are equally popular and have their niche audiences.

PewDiePie, Dua Lipa, Lele Pons, Arnell Armon, Zack King are all YouTube influencers who have worked magic on brand collaborations.

The Power of YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube influencers connect the audiences with the brand and foster a sense of community when their followers shop for new products. If the brands can generate useful content with relatable creators, YouTube influencer marketing can give them best results.

Brands use the power of various formats of YouTube influencer marketing to gain credibility and build communities. From product unboxing to demonstrations, YouTube influencers can pack in a punch for their collaborated brands.

1. Unboxing Videos

How many of you are fans of YouTube unboxing videos where an influencer slowly unpacks and reveals a product from its box? The excitement of watching an unboxing video feels surreal, especially, if it is a much-awaited product launch. And influencers are paid to unbox products!

The influencers unbox the product and gradually explore its features and uses. From toys to mobiles, from weird gadgets to sophisticated stuff, product unboxing is fun. Influencers take advantage of this viewer curiosity to get the maximum video views.

Unboxing videos of Disney-themed Kinder Surprise eggs have views of over 100 million. Unboxing channels like Unbox Therapy, Ryan’s World, Dope or Nope, Austin Evans and iJustine are popular. The videos of these YouTube influencers command a good viewership.

Watching unboxing videos makes the viewers feel a shared connection with the influencers and the brand. They find these videos more relatable than the sponsored content.

Brands benefit from the unboxing YouTube influencer marketing strategy. Their product gets noticed. If the influencer can convey the brand message perfectly, it gets interested buyers.

Brands can hire YouTube influencers from influencer marketplaces online. These platforms offer a variety of services like selecting the best influencers for their niche and running effective YouTube influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Product References

Product references are where the influencer mentions the brand without reviewing it or using it. It is not a direct way of incorporating the brand but making the followers aware of it. Casual references, staged products or just a shout-out to the product in the YouTube influencer video is enough to get your product noticed.

The famous YouTube influencer PewDiePie earns millions by endorsing electronic gadgets like TVs, headphones and online games. Dua Lipa, an English singer and songwriter, endorses perfume brands, dresses, jewelry and cosmetics in her YouTube videos.

These types of videos are not heavy on the pocket for brands. They can hire YouTube influencers of their niche to tailor content that relates to the influencer audience. The message is to be conveyed as organically as possible with clear communication. Youtube influencers need to be educated about the brand and product to ensure that they speak authoritatively and naturally in their videos.

3. Product Reviews

What if a person whom your trust shows you various creative uses of a product that you never intended to purchase? Won’t you be inspired to buy it? A little nudge and that product may land on your shopping list. Isn’t this what a brand needs?

A good way to use the power of YouTube influencer marketing is the product use-case or review. Here, the influencer tells its benefits and uses the product to show its value to the viewers.

Ryan’s World is an influential channel for reviewing toys. It has over 30 million subscribers. Austin Evans reviews popular gadgets on his YouTube channel. Judner Aura’s UrAvgConsumer is another famous YouTube channel for gadget reviews.

Influencers use tutorial videos on product features and their uses. Creative YouTube influencers know how to present products in inventive ways to grab maximum eyeballs. Demonstrating the working of the product and its many benefits builds trust among the viewers. It gets the sales going for brands.

4. Vlogging

Vlogging is video blogging where creators shoot videos to offer a first-hand experience of the products or services to their followers. Travel and food vlogging are the most popular forms of video blogging. In this format, YouTube influencers visit and endorse hotel stays, places, eateries or restaurants. The videos are friendly, fun and interesting. It drives credibility to your YouTube influencer marketing campaign. Even the humor interspersed in the ad seems natural. It creates a degree of intimacy that makes the followers believe in the brands.

There are a host of travel and food vlogging channels each creating its niche and followers.

Drew Binsky, Vagabrothers, FunForLouis, Fearless and Far (Mike Corey), Hey Nadine (Nadine Sykora) are popular YouTube travel vlogging channels.

Tasty by BuzzFeed, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Rosanna Pansino, Binging with Babish (Andrew Rea) are famous food vlogging channels.

Brands must harness the full potential of vlogging in YouTube influencer marketing to make the most of the opportunity. It opens up newer avenues for brand awareness. It gets loyal customers for those willing to invest in it.

5. Creative Ads

Brands often go off the track and defy the tried and tested methods to try creative ads on YouTube that get them instant attention. They use the power of YouTube influencers to connect with the audiences better. Surveys have found that the collaboration of brands that involve the active participation of YouTube creators has given better engagement results.

Simple influencer integrations show a positive affinity for the brands. Take, for instance, Nick Offerman’s 45 minutes of silently drinking Lagavulin whisky by the Yule log fireplace. It has almost 4 million views. It helped the brand position its whisky for casual drinking.

SodaStream, an at-home carbonation machine, collaborated with actor Hafthor Bjornsson famous for portraying “The Mountain” character in the Game of Thrones (GoT). They created a “Join The Revolution” video telling the viewers the product benefits and urging them to join the company.

With YouTube influencer marketing, deep collaboration is the key. Hire YouTube influencers who blend in their charm to your marketing strategies.

Wrap Up

Brands have a golden opportunity to utilize the power of influencer marketing and connect with their audiences. Brands need the right influencer, a mix of honesty and authenticity in the content. Then there is nothing stopping it from getting noticed and generating the much needed leads and conversions.