Why is Influencer Marketing Growing Faster than Digital Ads?

By QuikPlace | Oct 2, 2021

Everywhere you turn you will find people browsing on their smartphones and engaging with others on social media platforms. Today we are living in an era of digital marketing that appears more natural with the voice of an influencer.

Nike’s influencer collaboration with Ronaldo produced $500 Million in revenue.Ronaldo posted 1703 times overall on social media in 2016. As a result of this 2.5 Billion, Social Interactions were generated from posts, likes, comments, and views on the videos. These are enormous figures, and they demonstrate what influencer marketing can accomplish for your business. According to recent research, digital advertisements are a thing of the past, and influencer marketing is expanding at a breakneck pace, giving a higher ROI than digital ads.

Before we get into the reasons why influencer marketing is so successful, let's start from scratch and define what it is first.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a rapidly expanding marketing approach that connects companies and marketers. It promotes the brand's message to individuals rather than groups of customers. The individual is presented as a brand-hired influencer.

Influencers can also be customers. They are typically employed as bloggers, content writers, creative individuals, journalists, CEOs, publicists, or consultants. They connect with others on social media sites and seek feedback and guidance on their postings or messages. Influencer marketing is generally divided into two primary categories: Content marketing & Social media marketing.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a method of distributing promotional information to customers via a variety of online and virtual platforms. It illustrates advertising and messages to audiences through social media, email, search engines, mobile applications, affiliate programs, and websites. It is more successful than traditional ads and reaches a larger audience, allowing the brand's message to be communicated quickly.

What Is The Process Of Influencer Marketing?

Customers nowadays are more responsive to reviews on social media or individual opinions rather than trusting in billboards and advertisements. An influencer promotes a product through their social and personal networks in this marketing strategy. People believe what influencers say about something is more realistic. Some marketing firms do not employ this marketing technique, although an individual's voice is usually more influential than typical static advertising. Consumers' interactive and emotional responses are not elicited by digital advertisements. When customers provide comments on a product or voice their thoughts, the brand's image improves.

Influencer Marketing Employs A Variety Of Channels

Influencer marketing & influencer marketing platform utilizes the influencer's potential in a variety of ways, as detailed below:

  • Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest.

  • Facebook Live Video Streaming

  • Publications of media content.

  • Direct interaction with the audience.

A good social marketing strategy must adhere to four golden rules: consistency in posting, giving value to the target companies, connecting and collaborating with the community, and evaluating total reach.

Influencer Marketing Has the Potential to Increase Market Penetration

Furthermore, using the digital advertising strategy while establishing a new niche may take time. Making a reputation in a new sector may be difficult without first creating a network of industry peers who will cross-promote your services. Influencer marketing may boost awareness and network growth in months and help firms stand out from the crowd.

Paid advertising on media sources is the primary source of digital adverts. Influencers, on the other hand, advocate companies with which they desire to associate. Influencer marketing targets the appropriate people. As a result, smaller companies can rely on the strength of medium or micro-influencers who may not be as well-known.

Influencer Marketing Provides Several Benefits

The following are some of the most significant benefits of influencer marketing:

  • It aids in the expansion of your brand's reach.

  • It boosts the traffic to your website and enhances its SEO.

  • You may save money since a single influencer can reach millions of potential companies.

  • Your focus has moved from targeting a large number of businesses to focusing on targeting a single influencer. This helps you save time.

  • It increases the effectiveness of your entire content marketing activities.

Finding the appropriate influencers with whom you can strike a mutually beneficial arrangement to promote your business is the key to effective influencer marketing.

A Few Words

With traditional digital advertising getting older and consumers becoming allergic to banner and sponsored advertisements, influencer marketing will continue to represent a larger portion of a brand's marketing budget. The majority of businesses' approaches will be to continue to enhance their digital advertising with influencer-created content.

One of the problems for businesses will be determining how to best manage influencer outreach and generate enough content with influencers to make it a viable advertising channel. Influencer marketing platforms and Influencer Agencies will be the ideal options for brands looking to quickly and effectively scale up their influencer marketing approach.