How to promote your music on social media

By QuikPlace | June 07, 2021

Social media is perhaps the only place where you can promote your music to a wider audience quickly. The speed at which videos can be shared and go viral is unprecedented. We all know how short videos of cute pet antics get viral with millions of views in a matter of weeks.

However, there is no guarantee that your music video can get millions of views and engagements within a short time by just uploading it to YouTube.

Here is where music influencers come into the picture. These guys help in music promotion by writing or commenting about your work and posting about it on various social media mediums where they have many followers.

The tough part is, choosing the right influencer to promote your music. But how to get this done? Sign up for an influencer marketing service that helps you choose the right music influencer that fits your requirements. Though many websites offer these services, QuikPlace stands out as it isn’t there only to help you choose the right influencer, it guides you through the entire process so that your music can reach the intended audience within a specific timeframe and help you earn from it.

Here is how you can promote your music through a music influencer:

Choosing the right influencer

This is crucial- you have to find yourself an influencer that suits the taste of your music. You cannot promote a slow country song through an influencer who posts about rock music. Make a list of all your requirements for your music influencer. This list should contain-

  • The expected number of followers

  • How well the influencer interacts with his followers

  • How often does he post about your genre of music?

  • Has he promoted other people's music on his social media platforms? If yes, how was the response?

  • Are his follower’s profiles similar to the ones you are targeting?

Carefully target each influencer to see who is a perfect match. Check each of his music posts- how well-received were they? How many views and comments did he get on average?

Once you have zeroed down to the right influencer, you have to negotiate the terms, conditions, and payments of a contract that you sign with him. Explain to him what you expect and ask him how he plans to execute your social media music launch. Discuss with him the number of views and records you expect to sell with the help of his services. If the influencer has a lower number of followers than expected, you could go for multiple influencers. However, do check to ensure their follower profiles do not clash.

Getting creative

The next step is brainstorming a marketing plan for the music launch. Depending on your budget, you could get your influencer to post on various social media platforms for maximum reach. To start with, you could get your influencer to post a teaser and see how well the response is. The post should say more about the song that will be launched on a future date. Review the copy of the post before he schedules it to go online. Ensure there is complete consistency in each post that your influencer posts on all social media platforms. Use a combination of social media platforms where your target audience is generally present. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are the best platforms to get your music viral for a music influencer campaign.

Measuring performance

Once the music campaign is live, keep checking the insights to know how well your influencer’s posts are actually doing. Ever since the first post goes live, you can gauge the sentiments of your target audience to find out if you need any changes to the campaign. Also measure the number of records sold along with the views you have received online due to the influencer. Also, check for feedback from the various comments given on the content posted on your music. This will help you gauge the influencer's performance and tell you how your audience is responding to your music.

A few last words

If you want to get your music to the right audience in the quickest possible time, the power of influencer marketing can make this happen. Let’s face it, you cannot expect to get your music video viral just the way the Gangnam style or Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You did. It will take a lot of time to get your music noticed.

It is practically impossible to predict if a song could go viral. Some songs may not make it while others may get hundreds of millions or even billions of views within a few months. The best way to ensure consistent views is to use the power of influencer marketing on social media. If you want you and your music to get famous, you will need to work towards it. Those who you see getting fame overnight have got so due to luck and a combination of other factors.