How To Find Twitter Influencers

By QuikPlace | May 11, 2021

Twitter is one of the instantaneous social networks, this means when you tweet. your message will only be visible to your followers for 15 seconds or may never be seen at all. The kind of discussion with thousands of people is the principle behind Twitter. Given that, fewer people use Twitter than Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or Pinterest. You may be wondering how to hire Twitter Influencers and leverage more Twitter Influencer Marketing. In this blog, we will tell you how to find key Twitter influencers who can amplify your brands with tweets and shares.

Twitter is not as big a platform as Facebook and Instagram, but still is an effective tool for Influencer marketing campaigns. If you haven't given it a try, it's worth investing time, money, and attention.

Know your Influencer

Before hiring a Twitter influencer you must determine the audience held by each Influencer, which is generally equal to the number of followers. A truly qualified influencer will generally have much more people following than the other users. After estimating influencers' reach, you need to dig deep into their relevance. In other words, you have to access how much trust customers have in the influencer. Having a good following is a good thing. But the brand must inquire about who they are? And will they be active and retweet your content?

After knowing this you are now all set to hire the right influencer for your brand.

Find Influencers with Twitter Search

Twitter has an active user base of 353 million and is a suitable platform to incorporate Influencer Marketing Campaigns. You can search Twitter for hashtags relating to your niche for example- #techblogger #fashionblogger and so on. Make a list based on your niche and check out the top results tab and filter which influencer is active and matches more with your brand.

Make a list of the users and investigate their profiles and posting and tweets history. When doing so, consider the following -

Attend Twitter Chats in Your Niche to Find Influencers

Those who attend Twitter chats are going to be active Twitter users, probably well integrated into the community and acknowledged with the trend. Different sites can tell you about different chat hashtags and chat schedules. Twitter chats are long sessions and happen once a week at the same time, and if you attend a chat regularly, you will see familiar accounts with similar interests and niches and that's where the networking happens. You can also host chats around the topic of your niche. This can help you find the Twitter influencer, and have a casual discussion with them before approaching or collaborating with them.

Use the right tools

There are plenty of tools that can help you to find the right influencers. There is a free tool if you search a name, you get details like retweets, several mentions, replies, etc, this information can help you in assessing the capabilities of the influencer.

Attend and arrange events

You can attend or arrange shows or events and invite eligible influencers for your brand. You can send them invites to attend the product launch. This will only work if you have already decided on your influencer.

Important Note

The event must be visually appealing so that the influencers are automatically inspired and want to join the interview and post the images of the pictures on their Twitter account. Later when they post, you can evaluate the influencer with the highest engagement ratio, and then you can hire them.

How QuikPlace can support you with Twitter Influencer Marketing Projects.

Twitter influencers are everywhere and recognizing those can make a great impact on your brand QuickPlace advanced experience in search and classification allows you to easily find the influencers in specific niches, age groups, genders, countries which overlap with your brand and have a direct channel with your future customers.