Guide to Finding the Best Influencer Marketing Platform

By QuikPlace | July 08, 2021

A genuine influencer does all he can do to interest and engage his followers. He has to constantly think of ways to engage his audience with content that is informative, appealing, and interesting. Being consistent with this is how influencers develop a loyal fan following, from scratch up to hundreds of thousands and even millions.

This is where marketers have their sweet spot. These influencers can be leveraged to suggest their products to their engaged followers, many of whom consider the influencer as a friend or role model. With an influencer marketing campaign, marketers can reach the right target audience in a short time while not being too pushy with their marketing techniques.

Having said that, the question that arises is- how to find the right influencer?

Many marketers stumble at this level. They try to DIY and may choose influencers that are not worth working with or do not have the right credentials to sponsor a brand. They go ahead with the project but are unable to get the right returns on their investments.
Here is where influencer marketplaces come into the picture. These websites maintain a list of genuine influencers who can be hired for influencer marketing campaigns. Some of these influencer marketing platforms also help manage the entire campaign and keep records of the influencer’s performance. These websites are ideal for those marketers new to the influencer marketing realm.

Though there are many influencer marketing platforms out there, choosing the right one can be a little challenging. Here is how we can make it simpler.

Availability of relevant niche-based influencers

Choosing the right influencer is akin to choosing (and trying) the right clothes from a catalog. You have to first state your requirements and then choose from a select few influencers. Sometimes, the choice of the influencer is also based on your campaign, here is where the influencer marketplace website will help you. Before posting any influencer on their site, they carefully vet each one checking for consistency, integrity, and engagement of their posts. This reduces a lot of work that the marketer would have to do if he DIY.

Easy & Smooth Onboarding Process

Marketers do not need to email back and forth and negotiate a mutually acceptable deal if an influencer marketplace is involved. They handle the entire process making it easy, smooth, and mutually acceptable to all parties involved. If the marketer did this himself, this would be a time- and money-consuming affair with no guarantee of the influencer agreeing to come on board.

Manages relationships with the influencers

Influencers are not a commodity that we can buy, use and dispose of. There has to be a continuous business relationship with the influencers so that you can hire them for future campaigns too. A genuine influencer marketplace will always maintain a good rapport with their influencers as they can nurture these to create long-lasting relationships. This is crucial if you are a brand that can also make your influencers into implied affiliate marketers.

Data Security

Though influencers help you get to the right audience, they also expose your online assets to hackers and other fraudsters who can steal your customer data and take away customers.

Influencer marketplaces are aware of this and have in-built systems to tackle any attempts to compromise data.

A few last words

Influencer marketing can be really simple, straightforward, and effective if done with the help of a professional and experienced influencer marketplace like QuikPlace. These agencies do all the hard work for you and give you a solution that fits your requirement perfectly. With these agencies, you do not need to manually go through tons of potential influencers, negotiate with them, execute the campaign or check their performance. This is ideal if your hands are full and if you want experts to help you with your influencer marketing campaign.