Benefits of Influencer Marketing

By QuikPlace | June 01, 2021

Influencer marketing has now become a separate and matured industry for both brands and Influencers. With everyone on social media, marketers know that the best way to target the right audience is through influencers. It is estimated that this market is going to be worth $24 billion by 2025.

There is no doubt about the benefits of influencer marketing being so popular that traditional forms of marketing are now slowly becoming obsolete. So much so, brands now compete amongst themselves to get certain influencers who have the right number of followers to sign a contract to promote their products. To help marketers get hold of the right influencer, at Quikplace we guide them with the process and help them to choose the right influencer that matches the brand’s identity.

Irrespective of your marketing goal, getting hold of the right influencer can work magic for the brand and increase sales manifold.

Here are some benefits of influencer marketing campaigns that you must know-

1. Builds trust

With their posts and comments, brand influencers build long-lasting relationships with their followers. These followers trust them and see them as credible sources of information. This is where marketers use brand influencers to market their products. Getting thousands of followers takes years- influencers do everything they can to ensure the followers are interested in their content. This also means that they sponsor only those products that match their profile. The trust that the followers have in the influencers ultimately reaches the brand.

2. Helps in brand awareness

If you are not that well-known, brand influencers help you build awareness amongst your target audience. Even if they do not make a purchase, when they share the influencer’s sponsored post, you basically get free publicity amongst a wider audience. The more followers the influencer has, the better brand awareness you can get.

3. Reaches your target audience

With the help of relevant influencers, you can target the right niche of your brand. You do not need to spend with the anticipation that your target audience will view your ad. This generally happens with traditional marketing mediums like billboard advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and radio advertisements.

Once you get hold of the right influencer, you can get the message across. With the help of technology, brands also measure the performance of the influencer's post when it comes to conversions or leads. All of this isn’t possible with traditional marketing mediums.

4. Provides value to your target audience

Influencers in various niches regularly post about common challenges and how to solve them. This includes Do-It-Yourself posts, product review posts, How-to posts, etc. If your product solves any common problem faced by the influencer's followers, you are helping them help themselves. This is a better way of showing how the product works rather than demonstrating the product at an exhibition or running a TV advertisement.

5. Helps build winning partnerships

Partnering with a social media influencer can result in benefits for both partners. For example, many informative YouTube video channels are sponsored by media houses. Those who are interested to know more can visit the sponsor’s website. This way, not only does the video's views increase, the sponsoring media house's website gets a higher number of visitors.

6. Boost conversions

With regular interaction with the followers and interesting sponsored posts, the influencer helps get people interested in the product/service. Generally, the influencer adds a link to buy the product within the post, and sometimes also uses a coupon code where his followers get a discount. This double benefit helps the brand to increase sales substantially.

7. Generates leads

Products and services which are heavy on the pocket generally require more time to sell. When influencers within that niche sponsor the said product or service, there are higher chances of getting genuine leads for that specific product. Professional services like online healthcare and education-based services can take much more time to generate leads. However, recommendations from influencers can help generate more leads. For example, a health coach influencer can recommend going to a particular healthcare clinic in the case of sports injuries.

8. Helps to generate interactive content

Marketing isn’t just about brand awareness and conversions, it is about assisting people to buy the right product. Influencers go to great lengths to post interesting and interactive posts on social media. If they sponsor any product, many of them will do it in such a way that their followers will enjoy interacting with it. Also, the brands get valuable feedback from the followers about the use of the product/service. This helps them to improve their product/service based on this valuable feedback. Some brands even post their influencer’s content on their social media accounts. It works both ways.

Wrapping up

Influencer marketing is the present and future of marketing. This is one medium of marketing that gives proven results. Here, advertising a product is done on trust rather than simply pushing a product to prospective customers. It helps when an influencer recommends a product because of its worth, not just because he is paid for it. The customer, too, gets a better deal as the influencers many a time offer discounts and promotions for the exclusive use of their followers.