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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

> Free. Our platform was made to empower creators. We take a 22.9% transaction fee from each completed order (20% + 2.9% processing fee). Our team works around the clock to find promotions for the influencers on our platform. With that being said, our focus is empowering and giving you full control as an influencer. Each time an order is denied, our team pays the processing fee to refund the client, this can really add up

> The moment an order is placed, we collect the money from the client and put it on hold until the promotion is completed. We do this to protect both you and the client.

> As an influencer on QuikPlace, you have the ability to accept or deny any promotion that comes your way.

> No. You are able to manage deals without our involvement outside of the platform. In addition, you are able to leave the platform at any time you would like

> No. We are a platform that connects creators with brands, record labels, and artists for paid promotion. We advertise your services as an influencer and manage your deals.

> Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

> All of them. The more accounts you add, the more likely you are to receive and order. Oftentimes brands, artists, and record labels will purchase promotions from influencers across multiple social media platforms.

> Yes. Stripe has been deemed as one of the most secure payment processors in the world. We use Stripe to verify your identity and confirm that each influencer signing up is who they say they are. Stripe is also used to collect payments from clients and process payouts. In addition, Stripe will issue your tax forms and provide invoices. QuikPlace does not have access to the information you submit via Stripe.

> As an influencer on QuikPlace, you have complete control over what you set your prices too. We provide suggested pricing based on the average pricing of other influencers on QuikPlace with a similar following. This is simply suggested pricing and you are more than welcome to set your prices higher or lower!


When should I expect my first order to come in?

> First orders generally come in within the first 1-2 weeks of being on QuikPlace. If you are actively seeking promotions or want to be included in more campaigns, let our team know. Send us a DM on Instagram @quikplace

> 72 hours

> The sooner the better. You have the ability to set your completion timeline in the influencer dashboard when setting prices. Some orders may require you to complete within 24 hours of acceptance.

> All orders include instructions for the promotion. As long as you follow all instructions listed, the promotion will be approved. If you have any questions or are still unsure, you are welcome to send it to our team on Instagram @quikplace or via email: before uploading it.

> Login to your QuikPlace account via our website or app and go to the Influencer Dashboard. You will then select Mark Order as Completed for the given order you are completing. From there you will be prompted to submit a link to the post. Please give our team time to review and approve the order.

> Approvals for orders take around 48 hours (with the exception of Instagram Story promotions).

> We ask that you keep the promotion up indefinitely. If you have any questions about this, message our team on Instagram @quikplace or via email: [email protected]


Where do I go to withdraw my funds?

> In the Influencer Dashboard. Select Get Payouts under Earnings, click Withdraw Funds, choose your method of payment, and enter the required information.

> Via PayPal or Direct Deposit to your bank account through Stripe.

> Direct Deposit payments through Stripe are automated and take a standard of 1-5 business days. PayPal payments take up to 72 hours to be sent.

> Don’t worry, we handle the filing of your 1099 form for you through Stripe.